Born June 8, 1988 in Tolyatti, Russia. I am a lifelong artist, however I started working seriously on my art at the age of 17 and even more so at the age of 20 and forward. To be precise, I began my first collection of drawings in May of 2006. The first works looked amateur but fun, with a cartoonish twist to them. In 2009 my works began to take multi-dimensional, surreal shapes which you mostly see today. 

Much of the subject matter stems from fantasy mixed with reality and forces of nature like wind, water, earth, sky, chemical compounds and more. 

Body and animal shapes are also frequent in my works. And last but not least, my works emphasize themes of puzzles, labyrinths, space and the like things. Since my works tend to evolve in so many directions, it would perhaps be proper to label my style "psychedelic extremism."


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