I developed at a very young age a particular sensitivity to colors, having a strong attraction for the arts by my family. I had a click at the age of 15, on the Ile de Ré, at the seaside where I spent my summer holidays. I decided to become an artist.

 I was destined to do an art school after the baccalaureate but stifling family rivalries turned me away for a long time. I have not touched a pencil or a brush for years. I went to live in Paris, far from my family, and I worked in the legal field before being a professor of economics in high schools. I went to live three months in the USA in 1987, in New York and Detroit. I loved.

Then one day in 2006, I took pencils and brushes, followed evening classes at the School of Fine Arts Besançon, and training at the Sorbonne University in Paris. I started to paint, draw, create in a spirit of exploration. I studied the history of art, the psychoanalysis of the artist and works, and I received valuable advice from teachers. I did not want to lock myself into a style, a technique ... I have a deep need to be free. I work with personal and mixed techniques. I am looking for the saturation of the pigments of colors, but with personal compositions and most often abstract. I also draw, I like to draw living things ... I followed a training on the meaning and power of colors. I love that my paintings "sting the eyes.

I am in perpetual reflection, and yet my creations are often spontaneous, intuitive. I have a lot of images in mind, and my dream would be to be able to devote myself entirely because I need to express myself, to create constantly.

 It goes through inspirations like ideas, music, visuals, movies, clips, exhibitions. Everything gives me desires to express myself by creating. I started by exhibiting in my city and my region, then abroad. I presented on the theme of diversity, then photographs of a lake city in my region, with a series in black and white and a very colorful series, printed under plexiglass for transparency and lightness. 

Then I created a series of photographs taken in my studio from ink sets on crystal paper. then a series of inks and acrylic paints under plexiglass.

Then I created canvases with paint, scratches and collages. I can not define my paintings, I just know that they arise as if by magic. I have exhibited in Franche-Comté, London, Barcelona, Montreux and Lausanne in Switzerland, New York and Miami, sometimes in digital exhibitions. With inclusions in exhibition catalogs. I would like to create on large formats.

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