I love nature, animals, and birds and I paint what I love. The mediums I enjoy painting with are oils on canvas and Acrylics on canvas and, because each medium has unique qualities, my approach and results vary. Regardless of the medium or subject, my process for all my paintings is intuitive and involves my memories, imagination, sense of design and reference photos.

To begin each painting, I establish a balanced composition that I simplify by eliminating unnecessary details and idealize by arranging visual elements. From there, I will often apply textures and build up forms with a variety of molding pastes and gels some which may include mortar and sand. Sometimes, I add texture and colors first then find the focal point and subject later during my process. Either way, my color choices are based on personal aesthetics that are often contrasting and bold to convey moods and emotion.

 The tools I use range from different size brushes and palette knives. I also employ mini paint rollers for specific effects and texture. As each painting evolves the brushstrokes that are there often determine the next. I like to be playful and spontaneous during my process. Sometimes I just need a steady hand.


For each painting, I use all the available elements of design: subject, color, line, form, texture, and negative and positive shapes. By orchestrating all these visual elements on each canvas, I bring life, rhythm, and energy into my paintings.


It is important to me to paint paintings that have personality and delight the viewer's visual sense. But, most important is to create art that others can connect with on an emotional level. I have sincere gratitude to those who find my artwork evocative. Here is a quote from one of my collectors: “The painting is wonderful and arrived in perfect shape. We will be enjoying it for many years. Keep seeing the world so imaginatively and letting the rest of us have a glimpse of that vision.”

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