Farhana Akhter was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She migrated to the United States with her family at the age of ten. Since then, she has traveled extensively to countries around the world including visits to her homeland.  She currently lives and works in New York City.

Her mixed media sculptures and paintings explore the transformative journey from chaos to harmony and grace. The found objects incorporated on to the surfaces are symbolic of the transformative process, which combine organic elements such as moss, dried flowers, rice, lentil, with inorganic materials such as plastic, glass and metal. The surfaces of the sculptures are textured with clusters of found objects imbedded in acrylic polymer over molded aluminum mesh and then the surface is layered with paint.

Her work represents interactions with the inner and external worlds and cyclic phases of nature and life.  Her color palette reflects the rich and vibrant hues influenced by her native land and culture. About her most recent work she says, “I explore color, texture and dimension to convey the stages of motion, fusion and stillness. These sculptures represent a dialogue to understand the universal struggle to create balance and to transform chaos into harmony and beauty.”

She has had numerous exhibitions in various galleries in New York City, Washington DC and including the Salmagundi Club and the Chelsea Museum of Art. Internationally her work has been shown in Canada, London and Japan. Her work has been published and reviewed by Arte News, Studio & Gallery magazine and Santa Fe Art World. The artist’s work is in various collections throughout the world.

Her course of study at the University of Maryland was Psychology and Arts & Humanities. She has curated several art exhibitions in New York City.

 She is the Founder of Global Fusion Art, a non-profit organization of multicultural artists and communities committed to cross-cultural understanding and supporting individuals and organizations that provide humanitarian services across the world.

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