Ivan Buttazzoni from Udine, Italy is a self taught artist. He's a writer, painter, drawer and illustator. He studies illustration with Sarolta Szulyovszky in Udine and with Laura scarpa in Rome, and studies drawing with the Master Michele Piazza. He wins many prizes in graphic, painting and photography and receives appreciations and personal critics from Professor Vittorio Sgarbi and Paolo Levi. In 2017 he exposes to the Biennale of Palermo and is invited to expose to the Paolo Levi Museum in Palermo – Italy. In 2017 his artworks are chosen by José Van Roy Dalì, son of Salvador Dalì to be shown to the important Biennale of Barcellona – Spain. He's named Ambassador of Art and Knight Templar. His works are made using traditional mediums like oil and acrylic paint or with simple pencil modified digitally.

As illustrator he likes to represet mysticism in all its forms. From the pagnan to the ancient Jew and Christian Tradition he likes to represent the supernatural aspects of life. He works also as erotic illustrator to illustrate his own erotic poems. Many are his ispirers, from Dante Gabriel Rossetti to Caravaggio, from Brian Froud to Heather Nevay. He likes to study the work of other artists of many historical periods to take inspiration, He studies Art History at the University of Udine, Italy. The most representative parts of his artworks are dedicated to the world of Angels, Archangels and their Magick, and also to the world of Faeries and their Magick. He studies the ancient traditions of Magick and Paganism, Wicca and pagan religions to realize illustrations that involve the mystical in all its forms.

Sometimes he takes inspiration from mainstream tv shows like Supernatural, Game of Thrones and Charmed to name a few, to work with the contents of the collective subconscious. Faeries, Angels, Archangels, Warlocks, Witches and Wizards, and dragons of course are the main inspirer of his art. In his writings and his figurative production magick has an important role. The ancient ages of humanity are filled with magick and it still represents a point of great interest for the public. As witnessed by the eight seasons of the tv series Charmed and the twelve seasons of Supernatural. He thinks that the Spirit world, and Spirituality as well, are very serious matters, to be remembered in today's world driven by technology and rationalism. The ancient tales of magick and shamanism can teach us many more things about life and nature than smartphones. He has a degree in Philosophy so he likes to get to the deepest aspects of things. His artworks are often playful but rich in symbolism taken from magick, alchemy, Cabbalistic studies and so on.

The studies for portraits are inspired by Rembrandt and Caravaggio, who are masters in the expressive use of light. In the website you can see a lot of artworks of the past dedicated to the Celtic world and its myths and legens and festivals like Beltane, Samhain, Ostara etc. and all the witchy sabbaths. Now he prefers to represent the world of Angels and their seals, as indicated by the ancient Jew magick and Enochian magick; and the mysterius and poetic world of Faeries as taught wonderfully by the master of Fairies Brian Froud. The ancient magick of Egypt and its mysteryes represent a point of attraction very big and important, that maybe will be represented in new works.

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