I have been painting since I was 14-15 years old. I paint on a regular basis, every day or so. I prefer to paint large paintings in oil and oil that I mix with acrylic so they will separate when being painted. I love to mix and experiment with colours but prefer to paint in clear colours such as blue, red as a base colour, and add some pink or red in the blue, or red and orange in the red painting.

Mostly I paint in oil on canvas. I use different tools to apply layer of layer of paint, like a

spatula or a large putty knife. I paint a lot of bulls and different faces that express some kind

of emotion. The bull is a little piece of me, friendly and strong, but teased it will be furious.

I also paint some landscapes, but my main focus is on bulls, faces and different strong animal

with a lot of Integrity.

I paint for three main reasons.

1. I would like to make people happy, touched and affected with my art. I am so happy that

they like it and will have them in their home. It’s a special feeling to know that your work is

hanging in some ones home around the world, and they look at it every day. A positive

impact on people!

2. To get peace of mind and focus on something 100%. It’s like sailing, you concentrate only

on the wind and waves. In painting you give your sole and energy to just that painting

(that ́s why it is so difficult to sell it)

3. Leave something behind me when I am gone, more than a house, a car and a few dollars

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 18 years old, always gone my own way and not

follow the stream. I have been setting up and running several different companies, now at

50+ I would love to do what I always loved, paint!

The bulls for me are a symbol for power and strength, at the same time they are easy going

and friendly animal, but if you mess with them they get furious. I can see myself in that kind

of animal.

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