Kenan Koçak (Kenan K.) was born in 11 August 1956 in Turkey. He started oil painting in June-2006. He has worked in Hizir Teppeev's atelier at Ankara for two years.

Now, he works as a freelance painter at Edremit-Balikesir/ Turkey…
“Constructive freedom”  is the essence of his works since he believes that destruction is one of the biggest issues to be tackled in today’s world. 

Then, Art, as a creation process, should contribute by being in and for life, with esthetic and refined values. By this, it will become more suggestive as not only for what it is but what it serves. 

Awareness of being a lucky generation; in a sense of having the opportunity to comprehend and experience the quantum era more; will reflect its place in the art, and art hopefully will contribute more. 

Every art work has its own path and a particular way of contact with a receiver. 

Since, the artwork becomes a separate and an independent identity when finished, it is better to let it communicate by itself. 

The more you get into them the more they will communicate... Please, let them speak silently... 

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