Contents of my paintings...

The stable... the earth, the mountains, the stones... The flowing... the water, the wind, the life…

When I want to control nature, I destroy it. The same goes with my paintings.

Painting is for me a reconciliation between the explosion and the suppression of feelings and colors… between internal unrest and the outside restraint.


Exhibitions (selection) 

Exhibitions of slate sculptures and acrylic on canvas in Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Spain.

2017  Cologne List 

2017  Berlin Art Fair, Gallery Unique (Italy) 

2017  Luxembourg Art Fair , Gallery Unique (Italy)


2016  art'pu: l, Contemporary Art Fair, Pullheim 

2016  Museum PAN, Emmerich art'pu: l 

2015  Affordable Art Fair, Brussels (B), gallery Sassen Cologne 

2015  Cape-Hoorn Art, "chARTerflug", Bremen 

2014, Beeldentuin & gallery, Heeswijk-Dinther (NL) 

2013 art'pu: l, contemporary art fair, Pullheim 

2013  Art Fair, Cologne, gallery Sassen Cologne 

2012  "C'est selon ..." - "Times so & times so ...", Gallery Sassen, Cologne 

2012  " painting shale layers "; Kl. Rathausgalerie, Odenthal & Kreishaus, mountain. Gladbach 

2012  "Black and White", Galerie Sassen, Bonn 

2008  ARKA Kulturwerkstatt, Zollverein Essen 

2008  Art Gallery Alphonse d'Heye, Knokke (B) 

2008 - 2011  ART FACTORY, Gallery Villa Zanders, Technology Park ... 

2007  Cercle de Wallonie, Namure (B) 

"Leaved Stone and Color Moraine"  Catalog 2007

2006  Artisvita, Azille (F) 

2005  Technology Park, Bergisch-Gladbach 

2005  Galerie Höfer, Port d'Andratx, Mallorca (E) 

2004 Entry into "ART FACTORY", Cologne Dünnwald


 "From Inner and 

Outer Landscapes"  Catalog 2000 

"The Difficult Way of Letting Go " , in Palette & Crayon 5/2000 

Bergisch - Gladbach 

1994 - 2004 Dealing with painting 

1997 - 2005  various exhibitions, details according to request 

b 1950 in Corbion / Semois, Belgium 

since 1978 living in Odenthal, 

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