My work concept is “Tranquility, Nature, Transition”

When you face my work you can experience the fact that you can get rid of the meaning and name

of the thing and face itself.

Some part of my works never keep their own shape. It is a phenomenal thing that will disappear in

a few minutes. It may be similar to performance, project, or expression like cuisine.

And many of them can be made by anyone except me. The fact that the work can always be reproduced

by others' hands without being involved by myself means that it is itself a universal and immutable


And with the advent of the digital society and artificial intelligence, the question of what is

something that keeps a human as human being becomes a very important question. I think that it is

very important to see immutable and universal things in finding out what is necessary to keep

humans as human beings.

The desirable situation and attitude as human beings are considered as follows.

It is not like reflex or instinct, but rather close to unconscious. A state close to unaware.

I am looking for a small possibility of humans with such a very passive attitude.

“Tranquility, nature, transition” is a necessary element to do that experience and is the attitude

necessary to find out it possibilities.

My work is a trace of the quest to find them.

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