Born in the Netherlands in 1935, Michal Ashkenasi lives in Kevar Saba, Israel. Coming to art later in life, Ashkenasi studied Fine Art at Haifa University for 3 years and took Master Art classes for 7 years. She has had more than 30 solo shows with her paintings and seven solo show dedicated to her photography. Ashkenasi has received seven notable international awards,  in addition to receiving the title of Hon. Professor Associated Academician at the Academia del Arte Grechi-Marino, Italy. Ashkenasi considers her style minimalistic and lyrical and her beautiful abstract canvases are worth collecting.

Aside of painting I photograph also , wherein I try to catch the "Drama" in the picture . I believe Art to be a tool to bring people together , to bring some Happiness and Joy ! For myself it is a part of my life , a must , just like eating and drinking . 

Through Art I can express my Feelings and Hopes for a better World!

“My work is inspired by nature, dreams, and associations.

 I work with big expanses of color in an abstract - minimalist style. 

No wonder I admire Mark Rothko's work. Aside from painting, I photograph and paint digitally. 

 My motto is ‘no matter what education, imagination is the most important.’.”

Then I created canvases with paint, scratches and collages. I can not define my paintings, I just know that they arise as if by magic. I have exhibited in Franche-Comté, London, Barcelona, Montreux and Lausanne in Switzerland, New York and Miami, sometimes in digital exhibitions. With inclusions in exhibition catalogs. I would like to create on large formats.

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