I am very passionate about art (and music). I see beauty in almost all objects. I am also a qualified Interior Designer/Decorator and as a consequence,

 I'm very much aware of how our surroundings affect us, especially colour. I like to paint peaceful settings that may assist in creating a calming or healing environment and hope that in some small measure that my art contributes to people's sense of well-being.. 

The series that I'm currently painting, which relates to a Celtic woman playing a different musical instrument in each painting, is about how music transcends and connects all of us, including animals, even wild life. I normally paint in layers and always paint with music playing in the background.  

Growing up in Australia on the eastern coastline, has also impacted on my beach paintings. 

I love the blue skies and still remember my surfing days. And, I hope that the viewer of these paintings will imagine themselves there, in one of my paintings. 

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