William is a mainly a self taught artist, although on leaving collage he attended part-time evening art classes at night for lessons in visual art and design. William continued studying at night over a two year period in the mid seventies under the tutelage of the world renowned Breton Artist Mr. Yan Gullet Reynard, who specialised in sculpture but produced many paintings and also taught students at his studio in Bray, Co. Wicklow. 

With Mr. Gullet, William received instructions on perspective, still life drawing and the rudiments of Oil painting techniques’. For a period of thirty years William did not produce any art work as the pressure of earning a living & raising a family did not allow time for further study in art. 

In 2001 due to illness William was unable to work for a period of six months and started to draw and paint again as he found it to be very therapeutic during this time. 

Working initially in water-colours as this is his favourite medium. From a commercial business perspective William incorporated his artistic flair and applied it in a work environment. 

He trained for four years with Consolidated Engravers an American company who specialised in photo-engraving for the wall paper & textile printing Industries where he received formal training as a Graphic Artist, engraver and camera operator. 

William also worked for the multi award winning film studio – Ardmore Studios in Ireland where he was an artistic consultant on international and national film and TV shows.

 William also ran a hugely successful digital print and signage company in Ireland for over 30 years where among others he also produced work for the Don Bluth animation studios who where based in Dublin.

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